AWS Certificate Manager


About to make my API secured using SSL. So that I can finally have that precious “https”.


Working with AWS EC2, Load Balancer, Route 53 and Certificate Manager.


My hosting service is provided by Hostinger. I created subdomain name under one of my domain. AWS Certificate Manager was not able to issue the required certificate to make it https.


Had to add some new fields to DNS Zone on Hostinger cPanel.

Userful Link:

Patriot Web(GMU)

George Mason University has this website called Patriot Web. This website is used for course registration, grade tracking and some other university related stuff. Website is interacted by all students, most of the employees including professor.

Truth is that the website is really bad. As part of a UI class me and my project parter choose to Uberize this website with guidance from professor.

  • Professor: Dr. Offutt
  • Partner: Dat Phan
  • Course: SWE 632
  • Name: User Interface Design and Development