Linux Command Line Tutorial

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Hello, I’m Yash. Sole programmer at planetvearcity – a place where programmers come to learn, build, and grow.

Linux is a computer operating system. There are two kinds of user interface. One is a Graphical User Interface(GUI) and another one is Command Line Interface(CLI). We all know how to use a GUI. GUI is easy to use, so why bother learning CLI?

One word, Speed! You can do things way faster with CLI than you will ever be able to do with GUI. It is possible to create tens of thousands of folders in few seconds with one simple shell script.

We will be starting with basic concepts such as ls, cd, mkdir and we will go all the way up-to nano editor.

It is going to be an amazing journey all along. I promise you will learn a ton and enjoy all in one playlist.

Linux Command Line Tutorial Playlist